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science and technology enterprise.. Its "AIBAOLE" for company registered trademark property rights.
   The company's main projects include Portable electric warm series and Portable electric health treatment protector Series .The first Portable electric warm series product categories include: electric gloves, electric heating warm clothes, Electric heating warm shoes, electric heating warm insole. The second Portable electric health treatment protector Series products categories include: electric heating therapy health care protecting ....[More]
Shenzhen SANTANG technology Co., LTD.
   Which Is a collection of r &d, production, sales as one Specialized in manufacturing Portable electric warm, health care, physical therapy series products of comprehensive
Address :4F,A Dong,Smart Cloud Valley,
Industrial Park,LonghuaTown,Shenzhen
City,Guangdong Province
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CopyRight:ShenZhen Santang Technology Co. Ltd. Address:4F,A Dong,Smart Cloud Valley Industrial Park, Guanhu Street,Longhua New District, Shenzhen City, Guanddong Province.
Guangdong Province  Tel:+086-755-23271889 Fax:+086-755-27766227 MOB:18826569696
Portable electric warm gloves/Portable electric warm shoes/insole/Portable electric warm clothes/Portable electric therapy equipment maintenance/USB electric heat/preservation products series/first choice Shenzhen Santang Technology
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